Lose up to 6 inches in as little as 2 weeks?

With NO surgery, NO medication, and NO downtime?


August 10th, 6 PM – 8:30 PM
7750 Harkness Ave S
Cottage Grove, MN 55016

Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

Holistic Chiropractic Services

At Health Connections Chiropractic Center, we put your well-being first. We are chiropractors in Cottage Grove, Minnesota who employ a personalized, hands-on approach to our therapies to address problems involving the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nervous system. More than that, we pair our chiropractic care solutions with low-level laser and massage therapies to relieve chronic pain and rejuvenate you.

We treat each patient based on their unique chiropractic needs. Restore your body’s health and get relief for your stressed out body — without the need for surgery and medication!


Chiropractic care customized to fit your needs. Appointments are all-inclusive, which means no extra fees for added therapies – we treat you with whichever methods are needed on a given appointment. This is chiropractic care made just for you.


Massage goes hand-in-hand with Chiropractic care, your muscles and bones function together and when your muscles are holding too much tension they will affect the alignment of your spine.  Let us help you relieve stress and help your body into peak performance.

Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy can help anything from chronic pain to fine lines and wrinkles. Help your cells rejuvenate with laser therapy today.

Free Consultation

We want to get to know you better, and give you the confidence in us that we can care for your needs.  A free consultation is our way of extending a friendly handshake, so we can get to know each other.

Affordable Health Care for the
Entire Family

We are here for you.

We believe in giving our patients cost-effective treatments and a variety of payment options to keep you and your loved ones connected to health and wellness.

Holistic Chiropractic Care

If you’re looking for quality natural healthcare, look no further than Health Connections Chiropractic Center. Here, you will receive chiropractic care along with supportive therapies like laser and ultrasound that restore your health and well-being.

Dr. Laura Draxler believes in the power of natural healthcare. Furthermore, she firmly believes that the differences in each patient’s body merit a customized treatment plan — you won’t find one-size-fits-all chiropractic solutions with us!

Our Chiropractic Treatment

Improve your health and wellness with our chiropractic solutions. We incorporate exercise prescriptions, corrective exercises, and dietary and lifestyle nutrition plans to assist with pain management and prevent future episodes of pain.

As part of our all-in services, we conduct comprehensive patient evaluations and restore vertebra to its proper alignment to relieve chronic pain. Some of the issues we treat include:

  • Neck pain – through cervical manipulation, our chiropractors apply precise pressure to restore the range of motions to the neck muscles. Patients will feel less stiff and sore after the treatment.
  • Back pain – our skilled chiropractors manipulate the spine through high-velocity, short-lever arm thrusts to improve the back’s range of motion. It also alleviates nerve irritability in the area. The treatment is best suited for lower back complaints.
  • Sports injuries – our center personalizes each patient’s rehabilitation plan to restore the integrity and stability of the injured area, relieving the patient from musculoskeletal complaints.

Individualized Treatment Plan

We offer various chiropractic care and supportive therapies. Dr. Laura Draxler will be more than happy to provide you with a customized treatment plan to help you get better efficiently.

We can also assure you that there will be no hidden fees or extra costs for the therapies you receive.

Come to us, and we’ll take care of you.