dr laura with kids

Dr. Laura Draxler, DC

Dr. Draxler is a recent graduate from Northwestern Health Sciences University. Before she was a chiropractor, Dr. Draxler was a middle school teacher for 12 years in Clear Lake, WI. Laura loved teaching but found herself focusing on health and wellness. When she decided to further her degree, she knew chiropractic was the perfect fit for her.

As a mother of three, when she isn’t in the office, she loves to be outside with her kids or busy with their active schedules. Dr. Draxler has a great passion for cooking and traveling. She takes these experiences and knowledge to help enhance her own patients’ connections to health and wellness.

Dr. Draxler practices what she calls Chiropractic Plus. She believes and sees the benefits of chiropractic treatments, but she knows that the body is a complex system and there is no cookie-cutter solution for everyone. She takes her years of studying nutrition, KinesioTape, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and laser therapy to help enhance and connect her patients to their best health. You will often hear her say, “It feels good to feel good!”

You can make an appointment today with Dr. Draxler by clicking the Book Online link. If you are a new patient, you can also fill-out the paperwork online by clicking on the Online New Patient Forms link. Of course you can always call (651) 330-4686.

If you are looking to stay connected to your health, or if it has been awhile since you could say, “I feel good,” Dr. Draxler will help you on your path.

Maria Bongers

Massage Therapist

Maria believes there are three things that you should know about her.

  1. She is a firm believer in the healing power of touch.
  2. She graduated from the Globe University Massage Therapy certification program, with honors, in September 2016. Where she studied Swedish, deep tissue, sports, trigger point, myofascial release, prenatal massage, hot stone, and basic reflexology.
  3. She likes to use a variety of massage techniques to customize each massage session to the needs of the client to create a therapeutic and relaxing experience.
Nicole Toni

Nicole Toni

Energy Healer

Nicole Toni has been trained in and practiced various types of Energy Healing for over 20 years.  She has also done training in intuitive development, breathwork, yoga, and meditation as well as many other alternative therapies and practices.  As a lover of knowledge, she is constantly exploring new ways of healing and wellness.

At an early age, Nicole realized that she saw and interacted with the world in a unique way that a lot of people weren’t able to comprehend.  Later in life, she learned that these things that she knew without understanding why came about because she was an empath and intuitive.  Those random things that popped into her knowing sense were actually true and important.  This information helps guide her healings and advising.

She has a BA from Metropolitan State University in the First College program, where she designed her degree titled Integrative and Restorative Wellness, which explored a variety of healing methods and practices including psychology, nutrition, microbiology, and art therapy.

When not participating in healing work, Nicole enjoys painting, photography, travel and cooking.  She loves retreats and takes the joy of self-care very seriously.